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What is #MicroBizMatters Day?

#MicroBizMatters Day is an annual (2nd Friday of each New Year) Day of Recognition, Action and Learning for micro business owners. 95% of all businesses in the UK are micro businesses (0-9 employees and under £2 million turnover).

It is a social media day when over one million business owners give a little time to support each other. Recognition is by use of the #MicroBizMatters hashtag. Action is support for the major campaigns to make life better for independent business owners of which #PayIn30Days which Tony Robinson OBE started in 1996, is the best known. Learning is from an event livestreamed on Facebook and YouTube featuring famous and successful business owners giving tips for success in different sectors.

How do I get involved?

Search for #MicroBizMatters on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you’ll soon get the hang of what people are doing on the day. All of them, always over one million, are giving a little time to help other business owners. There are many offline events organised too – business owners getting together for a coffee and to watch the livestreaming on their laptops or phones.

Where to watch

You can watch the event here on this website via our Facebook feed, on YouTube - search MicroBizMatter or use the social media links below.

Facebook Feed

Keep up to date with our Facebook page.

This Years Itinerary

Whats happening at our 2021 event.

7 - 8am TONY & TINA - WHY #MICROBIZMATTERS - An introduction from Tina Broden and Tony Robinson OBE, talking about what this day is all about and why the 7th #MicroBizMatters Day is so important.
8 - 9 MAKERS, CREATORS & MANUFACTURERS - Hearing from micro businesses who make, create and manufacture their products across the UK and beyond.
9 - 10 A NATION OF SHOPKEEPERS, SALON OWNERS & CUSTOMER-FACING BUSINESSES - Talking to micro business owners who have spent much of 2020 behind closed doors and finding out how they have kept their customers engaged.
10 - 11 DRINKERS, DINERS & GUESTS - WE NEED THEM! - Speaking to micro business owners who own some of the smallest hospitality businesses and looking at the imapct 2020 has had on them.
11 - 12 KEEP ROCKING - Taking a look at how getting the right business support is crucial for your micro business. From accountants to networks, we chat to them all.
12 - 1pm LADIES OVER LUNCH - Celebrating all that is good about women who run micro businesses.
1 - 2 EXCLUDED UK - Helping to make a positive difference to millions of micro business owners, talking to some of those that have being excluded from UK Government coronavirus support and sharing our fundraisiong for 2021.
2 - 3 YOUR BUSINESS AND YOU - Tina Boden works all year round to ensure the wellbeing of the micro buisiness and their business is as good as it can be. This session will share hints, tips and advice from Tina and others to help you.
3 - 4 THE HAPPIPRENEUR - Why making 2021 The Year of the Happipreneur is important.
4 - 5 LET US ENTERTAIN YOU - Micro business owners who know how to entertain. Showing what we have missed and what we will be able to look forward to in 2021.
5 - late AFTER PARTY - Every good gig needs an after party and we ask you to join us at ours wherever you may be!

Useful links

Website for Pay in 30 Days

Donation page for Excluded UK

Our History

In January, 2012, Tina Boden and Tony Robinson OBE launched an informal online community to make life better for micro business owners everywhere. They initially called the informal, free, no contact details required, movement the Enterprise Rockers. The informal community, a network of networks, and movement is based on 4 campaigns which are: #NotAnSME, #PayIn30Days, #Indie25ER and #MicroBizMatters.

In January 2015 we held the first annual #MicroBizMatters Day and subsequently retitled our movement #MicroBizMatters. The host events for famous and successful business owners to attend and broadcast on YouTube and Facebook have been as follows:

● 2015 Google for Work/Sage in London ● 2016 Portobello Business Centre in London ● 2017 Pimlico Plumbers in London ● 2018 XYZ Works in Manchester ● 2019 Hull City Hall in Hull ● 2020 EKM in Preston ● 2021 Yorkshire in Business in Scarborough

Celebrity Entrepreneur Guests

The Small is Beautiful Roll of Honour lists all of these kind entrepreneurs that have freely given their time to #MicroBizMatters Day. You can read profiles of most of them in the PDFs of the souvenir programmes for 2016, 2017 and 2018

You can also watch interviews with them over recent years here: MicroBizMatters Day on Facebook; Watch the interviews

and from the early years on these three playlists:

Special thanks are due to the multiple contributions of Kanya King CBE (our inspiration), Charlie Mullins OBE (our Tsar), Tim Campbell MBE, Chris Percival, Kate Hardcastle MBE, Penny Power OBE, Sway, Naomi Timperley, Tom Evans, Janice B Gordon, Laura Henry and Elaine Clark. Thanks also to business membership organisation CEOs, paricularly, Ian Cass Forum of Private Business, Emma Jones MBE of Enterprise Nation and Janet Jack, CEO of IAB.

Networks and Small Business Membership Organisations

Hundreds of local, regional and national networks of business owners get involved but a special thanks are due to the following national membership organisations:

Forum of Private Business; Enterprise Nation; Federation of Small Business; Design Trust, Centre for Entrepreneurs; RSA and Freelance Heroes.


2015 to 2019 Paul Lancaster supported the co-founders, Tina Boden and Tony Robinson (OBE). 2020 Production was by EKM with Yorkshire in Business. 2021 onwards is by Yorkshire in Business.

#MicroBizMatters Day would not exist without all the business owners and enterprise supporters giving their time and resources to run the Day.

We cannot list them all but special thanks to:

Antony and Alison Chesworth, Jenn Crowther, Tripp Braden (USA), Paul Lancaster, Gaynor Carr (design), Ed Goodman, Charles Cracknell; Elaine Clark; Marianne Whitfield; Michelle Dorrell; Adrian Ashton; Jo Harrison; Neal Boden; Sinead Robinson, Clare Francis; Sadie Skipworth and Martin Mullen. Thanks also to many companies that have donated time and money to the Day including EKM, Yorkshire in Business, Hull City Council, 123 Reg, Pimlico Plumbers, Jigsaw Medical; Microsoft, Google for Work; Sage, KCOM and ScanSnap (Fujitsu).