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Hannah Cheshire

Hannah Cheshire of InspireIgnite - Strong Minds, Strong Business guest on #MicroBizMatters Day 2019

Hannah moved to Hull 18 years ago and loves her adopted city. Hannah set up InspireIgnite with Sue Altass as a result of her belief that the emotional wellbeing of young people leads to adults who are resilient and understand their own emotional wellbeing.

Sue Altass

Sue Altass, InspireIgnite - Strong Minds, Strong Business session guest on #MicroBizMatters Day 2019

Sue was born in a small village in Derbyshire and through her early life travelled the world. Coming back to England after 7 years and training as a Mental Health Nurse. Sue is inspired by young people thriving to develop their emotional wellbeing. Sue is passionate about the work she does with people.

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