#MicroBizMatters Day 2018

On Friday 12th January 2018 #MicroBizMatters Day came live from All Works & Social in the XYZ Building, Manchester. You can watch the YouTube Live Streaming of the sessions below. 

Find out more about the guests that were part of the 4th #MicroBizMatters Day in the sections below.

Head Roadies Helped to make the day rock

Ed Goodman

Ed Goodman - #MicroBizMatters for Social Media & Freelance Heroes

Most people start a business to do something that they love or to create a better lifestyle for themselves. Ed works with these people, through mentoring and coaching, to help them through the early stage of their journey.

Elaine Clark

Elaine Clark - #MicroBizMatters Head Roadie for Accounting & Tax

Elaine Clark is a Chartered Accountant and Managing Director of the multi award winning online accountancy firm cheap accounting.co.uk. Elaine can often be heard on BBC Radio Four's MoneyBox programme and is regularly quoted in the press on tax and accountancy matters pertinent to the micro business world. 

Gaynor Carr

Gaynor Carr - #MicroBizMatters Head Roadie for Design and Branding

Gaynor is an award-winning document and graphic designer. Having worked for large corporations and small consultancy businesses improving and enhancing their presentations Gaynor set up her own business and has never been happier.

Marianne Whitfield

Marianne Whitfield - #MicroBizMatters Head Roadie for Business Information

As a business owner, Marianne understands all to well the realities, pitfalls and day-to-day frustrations of running a business. 

Adrian Ashton

Adrian Ashton - #MicroBizMatters Head Roadie for Social Business

Having graduated with a business degree, Adrian realised that nearly everything he was taught didn't apply in the real world, and so he set about re-educating himself about enterprise taking on various roles in different sectors.